Ceremony of Lights

The Cumberland Chapter of Rose Croix presented the 2017 Ceremony of Lights on Sunday, March 12, 2017 at the Cumberland Masonic Temple in honor of the brethren of the Cumberland Scottish Rite who were called to the Celestial Lodge during the past year.

During this Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal, the brethren assembled to renew acquaintances, remember our departed friends, and to renew our pledge to aid humanity.  Following the invocation by Senior Warden Samuel J. Lane, 32°, Wise Master G. Timothy Schupfer, 32°, reminded those assembled that, while we mourn the loss of our brethren and loved ones, Spring awakens new life and nature offers hope that man will survive the grave and that he is, in some measure, immortal.  The Ill. Jerome F. Robinette, 33°, then read the names of our departed brethren and Steve Fitzgerald, Squire of the Cumberland Knights of St. Andrew, performed “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes.  This was followed by the ceremonial Tenebrae or extinguishing of the lights, the Mystic Banquet, and the Fiat Lux or the relighting of the lights.

Personal Representative Jamey S. Hill, 33°, and Sovereign Grand Inspector General Ill. Marlin L. Mills, 33°, offered closing remarks to the brethren.

Following the Ceremony of Lights, the brethren and guests shared in fellowship over a meal in the Masonic Temple dining hall.

Left to Right:  Jamey S. Hill, 33°, Personal Representative; T. Eugene Holland, 32°; Joseph W. Cushall, 32°; SGIG Ill. Marlin L. Mills, 33°; Joseph Kennedy, 32°; C. Thomas Tressler, 32° KCCH; Gary W. Freeman, 32° KCCH; Wise Master G. Timothy Schupfer, 32°; Robin L. Summerfield, 32°, Assistant Personal Representative and Lewis M. Marks, II, 32° KCCH.