Buck-A-Cup 2016


Buck-A-Cup 2016

Help support the work of the Children’s League and
the Scottish Rite Children’s Speech Language Disorders Clinic!

Purchase a ticket for a buck at any of the following participating restaurants and redeem it for a bottomless cup of coffee all day on December 16th or 17th


Arby’s Restaurant, LaVale
Billie’s Gas & Grub, Flintstone
Chat & Chew, McCoole
City Lights, Cumberland
The Girls -r- Cookin’, Flintstone
Hobo’s Restaurant, Ellerslie
Joe’s Viaduct Restaurant, Cumberland
K-Bar on Virginia Avenue, Cumberland
Keyser’s Ridge Truck Stop, Accident
Lindy’s Restaurant, Cumberland
Port West Restaurant, Keyser
Ponderosa, Keyser
Princess Restaurant, Frostburg
Roy Rogers, Cumberland


Thanks for your support!

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